unDisclosed: 2nd National Indigenous Art Triennial alludes to the spoken and unspoken, the known and the unknown, what can be revealed and what cannot in contemporary Indigenous art, life and culture.

unDisclosed explores artists’ motivations and inspirations and hints at the undercurrent of knowledge, stories and histories that artists reveal–or choose not to reveal–in their works.

unDisclosed captures the duality of the disclosed and undisclosed embedded in each of the works of art and within the exhibition.

unDisclosed showcases the work of twenty leading Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists in Australian contemporary art. Selected for their commitment to excellence and daring to explore new fields of practice and artistic vision, these artists both inform and redefine contemporary Indigenous art as we presently know it.

Yet the artists in unDisclosed do much more. In their own ways, each of the twenty artists participates in the building of Indigenous visibility, within mainstream Australian society. Seen together, their art offers a common and accepted meeting ground for people to communicate, learn and exchange ideas about Indigenous lived experience. In this meeting ground—that is, through the medium of art—Indigenous voices take primacy, articulating the truth of our collective experiences richly, justly and eloquently.