Yoko Ono

In 1966 Yoko Ono took part in the landmark Destruction in Art Symposium in London in September and her subsequent exhibition at Indica Gallery in November cemented her reputation internationally as a leading avant-garde artist. The original first FILM NO. 4 FOUR 1966 was actually called Fluxfilm no 16. Fluxus was a loosely tied together group of artists, poets, filmmakers, composers and musicians working across country boundaries and media. Ono came to be associated with Fluxus though her practice also predated her involvement. She has continued to work broadly across media, sculptural and performative work, through to voice, music and the conceptual. The overarching intention of the works is that she seeks always to involve and empower the audience, to jolt it out of a passive complacency.

Anne O’Hehir

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Yoko Ono Fluxus wallpaper; after Film No. 4, 1967 c. 1973 Gift of Alan R Dodge and Gilbert Silverman 1993 Learn more