Ronnie van HOUT

(born 1962 Christchurch, New Zealand)

Working across installation, sculpture and photography, Melbourne-based artist Ronnie van Hout’s works aesthetic reflects and ongoing engagement with the uncanny. Throughout his career, the artist has treated his own body as subject and object, using moulds and resin to create doppelgangers, or warped renditions of himself. This sense of doubling enables van Hout to play with the idea of self-portraiture, and in the process, reveals the body as a site of fragmentation. Many of his works explore the figure of the ‘outsider’, while setting up situations in which the gaze of the audience is returned.

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Ronnie van HOUT
Sitting figure I 2016
Courtesy of the artist and STATION, Melbourne Purcahsed 2017. [TBC]

Ronnie van HOUT
Sitting figure II 2016
From the Private Collection of Raft Studio, Melbourne