(born 1978 Guangzhou, China)

Cao Fei mixes pop aesthetics, digital technology and social commentary in her multimedia projects to reflect on the swift changes taking place in contemporary Chinese society. Oriented around a search for utopia or state of happiness, the artist’s works express the loneliness and powerlessness of her generation. Alongside video and photography, Cao Fei is known for her internet-based art, in particular, for works that take place within an online world, a platform known as Second Life. Blending fantasy and reality, Cao Fei’s technicolour playground combines Mao statues with aerial shopping malls and floating architectural icons in her RMB City series. Under the pretence of a game, the artist’s avatar China Tracy acts as guide to participants, who are able to realise impossible dreams through virtual reality.

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Live in RMB City 2009
Courtesy of artist and Vitamin Creative Space M+ Sigg Collection, Hong Kong, By donation