Robert GOBER

(born 1954 Wallingford, Connecticut, USA)

Gober studied art and literature at the Middlebury College in Vermont from 1972 to 1976. Then he moved to New York where he still lives and works. From the 1980’s onwards, he increasingly turned to the detailed sculptural depiction of human body parts without completely turning his back on painting, prints and photography. On first inspection, Gober’s work appears to deal with the everyday, but closer inspection shows us that this is an everyday that has either broken down or is damaged. His isolated decontextualized hyperrealistic parts of bodies protrude from walls, as though any connection they might have with the viewer has been torn apart. A sense of violence is inherent in his work, while his use of shockingly hyperrealistic ugly detail is meant to challenge us.

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Robert GOBER
Untitled 1992
D.Daskalopoulos Collection