(born 1941 Denver, Colorado, USA)

Since the early 1960’s, De Andrea has devoted himself to the female nude. He uses casts of living models made of fiberglass and various plastics, the realism of which he perfects through the use of acrylic or oils paints, and, for example the use of wigs. The immediate effect of his depiction of a man and women post the act of making love is that we are in the presence of their actual, living counterparts. De Andrea, like Duane Hanson, is interested in the principle of the human Doppelgänger. In contrast Hanson’s social critique, his works, however, are more concerned with exploring human physicality, in the same way it was explored in classical antiquity.

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Lisa 2016
John DeAndrea & Lorraine DeAndrea

Ariel I 2011
John DeAndrea