Peter LAND

(born 1966 Aarhus, Denmark)

Since the late 1980’s, after studying in London and Copenhagen, Peter Land has dedicated himself to producing sculpture, performance art, video installations and prints. He became known in the 1990’s through his video installations, in which he portrayed himself in hopeless, everyday situations that involved losses of individual control. His sculptural work shows protagonists in bizarre or even surreal scenes of hopelessness that seem to arise from out of their own nightmares. Land, thus, uses a means of expression that is beyond the capacity of his subjects to make sense of. Using ugly, unflattering portraits of himself, Land often plays a leading role in his work, just as he does in his video installations. His work, in a kind of burlesque and cynical way, confronts us with the powerlessness and helplessness of man in the face of the relentless progress of modernity.

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Peter LAND
Back to square one 2015
Courtesy of Galleri Nicolai Wallner and Peter Land